The Great Halal Meat Myth

There are all kinds of food myths prevalent today. In most cases, the issues are so complex that it is impossible to differentiate fact from fiction. However, there is one myth that needs to be debunked because it has no basis at all in fact of any kind. That is the myth that halal meat is meat that is slaughtered and prepared based on the religious beliefs of one religion. This is not so. The slaughtering and processing are done according to the most modern methods and the religious aspect is not relevant to the excellent meat that the procedure produces.

The word “halal” is a middle eastern one that refers to meat that has been reared, slaughtered and processed according to strict hygiene, health and humanitarian standards. The word may have religious origins, but the end product is meat that is safe and healthy for everyone to consume.

The Benefits of Halal Meat

Halal meat has several advantages over meat that is slaughtered and processed using other methods. Among these are:

Benefit 1: Food Safety

  • Hygiene and food safety are priorities in halal meat. This minimizes the risk of contamination. Halal meat farmers avoid the use of pesticides and antibiotics that other farmers use.
  • Blood must be fully drained from the carcass. This results in better, more tender meat with no pathogen infestation.

Benefit 2: Health

  • The quality of the food we eat has a direct impact on our metabolic health. Clean, properly processed and packed halal meat that has been slaughtered and processed using the most modern scientific methods has no harmful additives and is not only safe to consume, but it is also good for health. This is protein in its best form.

Benefit 3: Taste

  • Many people do not realize that the more the blood that remains in the meat, the more prone it is to putrefaction. The blood also diminishes the flavor of the meat. Halal meat does not contain blood so it is more tender and has a better and fresher taste.

Benefit 4: Hygiene

  • Food hygiene is one of the cornerstones of halal meat. The fodder given to the animals is clean and disease-free, so the meat that comes from them is also clean and disease-free. If an animal is unwell or otherwise unfit, it cannot be slaughtered.

Benefit 5: Stress Hormone Free Meat

  • The halal slaughtering process keeps the animal as stress-free as possible. This results in the meat having the lowest possible levels of stress hormones which can affect the quality and flavor of the meat.

Benefit 6:

  • This is not a health or flavor benefit but an economic one. Because there is no blood in halal meat, it means that pound for pound you get more meat and finished product.

If you haven’t already switched to halal meat, why not give it a try? There are many butchers and grocery stores that sell it. Find a store near you that specializes in halal beef, lamb, goat and chicken and see how the meat fromthere improves the taste of the food your family eats andprotects everyone’s health because of its hygiene and absence of additives.


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