How to Find Great Deli Food – Deli Food in San Mateo

What is Deli Food?

The word deli is a frequently misused one. A sandwich shop or a shop that sells chutneys is not a deli, even if that is what they call themselves. A search for a great deli is a project that is definitely worthwhile. The result will be access to not just great food, but also convenience. Before you begin your search, you need to know what deli food is and what makes a great deli. With this knowledge, you will know where to look and how to be sure you have found the best deli.

The 10 Commandments of Delis and Deli Food

  • Deli food is supposed to be fresh. Sometimes it may need to be prepackaged, but avoid a deli where everything is pre-cut and shrink wrapped.
  • There is nothing wrong with sandwich shops. The good ones serve great sandwiches. But they are not delis – they do not have the range of foods and ending your search because you have found a sandwich shop is a mistake.
  • Fancy stores that sell exotic condiments, cookies, cookbooks, and celebrity chef endorsed products and so on are not delis. They are gift shops which are fine as long as you are not looking for real deli food.
  • Snobbish or unhelpful sales people who think that they are doing customers a favor by selling to people who don’t look like millionaires do not work in a deli. Delis are for everyone who loves good food.
  • Do not be embarrassed about asking for information on foods that you are not familiar with. Experimenting with new foods is part of the deli experience.

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  • A good deli makes almost everything in-house. A deli that buys most of what it sells from other suppliers is a reseller, not a true deli. Why buy resold food when you can buy it directly from the source?
  • Avoid places that call products by fancy names so that they can charge more. A good kebab is a good kebab and calling it something else does not make it better.
  • The truly great delis have uniqueness about them. For example, if you find one that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, then that is what it is known for and the people there will go the extra mile to ensure that they keep customers happy by offering them nothing but the best.
  • Some delis offer only what are called specialty foods like Greek olive marmalade, Indian tandoori, Mexican tortas and so on. These shops are selling products based on their uniqueness, not because of their taste. It is the taste that gets the juices flowing, not uniqueness.
  • Cleanliness is a key factor in finding a great deli. If the interior is not inviting, the deli does not take pride in its products and that is always a warning sign.

Find a Great Deli and Stick to It

Once you find a great deli that has the Mediterranean cuisine (or other types of food) that you love, stick with it. When you get to know the place and the people and they get to know you, a relationship that makes it easy to find the perfect food will develop. If you want to place an online food order, knowing the quality and what the cuisine is like makes the process simple and hassle-free.


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