Debunking a Big Deli Myth

One of the biggest food myths around is that deli food is unhealthy. Yes, if consumed in excess it can be, but so is the excess consumption of raw vegetables, which are supposed to be good for you. The story of people’s complexion changing because of an excess of carrots is not a myth. In other words, eating anything in excess is unhealthy. Deli foods are, if eaten with common sense, as safe as any other type of food.

Eating Healthy

Deli foods are convenient. No one can deny this. And they are also delicious, if well-made. So, what is deli food? The cold cuts, cheeses, sandwiches, salads and so on that you get in a deli are all prepared to provide a tasty, satisfying and convenient meal option. Deli food is often the ideal option for those who are on the go like children. It also works for those whose work keeps them from having proper sit-down meals and for those people who are not into spending time in the kitchen. The fact that deli food is extremely tasty means that it can be enjoyed for almost any reason, including just because a person feels like a chicken minced kebab or an Armenian beef sausage. Of course, some deli foods are healthier than others so for those who eat lots of deli food regularly or for those with pre-existing digestive or health issues which involve caution with their diets, there are deli items that are healthier than others.

  • Choose fresh deli meats instead of prepackaged items. Fresh off-the-bone meats contain natural nitrates and are minimally processed, if at all.
  • If the deli has low sodium options, go in for them.
  • Choose lean meats like lean ham, roast beef, chicken breast, turkey, etc.
  • If the meat you want is only available in the prepackaged form, read the label carefully to know what preservatives and additives have been used. If nitrate-free and low sodium options are available, go for those.

The Mediterranean Option

If you have access to a deli that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, that is the place to go to. The cuisine of the Mediterranean region is accepted as one of the healthiest in the world. The high average life span and general good health of the inhabitants of this region are proof of this. This is where you will find salads, lean marinated meats, sandwiches made using healthy pita bread and much more.

This kind of food goes beyond being tasty, healthy and convenient. It is a great option when entertaining.  A great buffet can be spread out without the hosts having to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. Pick up great Mediterranean cuisine and relax while your guests enjoy themselves. A buffet table with foods like baba-ghanoush, moussaka, spicy zucchini, tahini salad, mujadara, chicken or beef shawarma, kebabs and more is going to be a huge draw. You can also check to see if the yummy Mediterranean pizzas are available, or if the deli has combo party trays, specially designed to give guests a unique culinary experience.

All you have to do to have access to tasty, convenient and healthy food, for your family or your guests, is to look for a deli that offers Mediterranean cuisine.


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