Is Homemade Hummus Worth the Effort?

Everyone loves hummus and it’s a dish that is always in demand at home. Whether it’s a dip to keep next to you while you lounge on the couch watching TV and snacking or a key part of any entertainment at-home menu, there is always a demand for it. With the consumption of this yummy and healthy food rising exponentially, the question that soon comes up in every home is “store-bought or homemade?” It’s an important question to answer because when it comes to hummus, you don’t want to compromise on the taste. Then there are also the health and cost factors to consider. So, which way should you go?


Homemade hummus has a lot going for it:

  • You know exactly what is going into it.
  • You can adjust the ingredients and the quantities to get the taste you want.
  • You can make it in the quantities you need to reduce the amount of leftovers.
  • It is not difficult to make.
  • Preparation time is very little.

It may look like homemade is going to win hands down over store-bought, but it’s never wise to jump to conclusions.

Store Bought

If homemade hummus is so good and easy to make, why should anyone consider the store- bought option?
What you find on the store shelves also has a lot going for it. Before going any further, it’s important to differentiate between mass-produced supermarket hummus and what is prepared and sold in specialty Middle Eastern grocery stores.

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Supermarket Hummus:

  • Mass-produced and even the different flavors are designed to appeal to the largest possible market, so there is little choice for the few with specific taste preferences.
  • These often have artificial flavors and preservatives which work to negate the key concept of hummus being fresh and healthy.
  • You may have to buy larger quantities than you actually need.
  • if you serve it to guests, do you really want to tell them that you bought it at the supermarket?

Grocery Store Hummus:

  • When you buy from a specialty Middle Eastern grocery store, you know the hummus has been made by people who are familiar with it since it is one of the basic components of their cuisine. They know the dish, love it and treat it with respect.
  • There is no compromise on the flavor. The hummus is what it is and always has been. There’s nothing like eating the real stuff.
  • Only fresh carefully selected ingredients are used.
  • You can be proud of the fact that you have bought the best quality hummus from a specialty grocery store. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • This hummus may not have lots of preservatives, but you can always freeze any leftovers. Hummus keeps well for a week or more in a freezer.
  • While hummus may not be difficult to make, there is always the chance of the taste not being exactly what you wanted. Even the slightest variation in the quantities and quality of the ingredients affects the flavor. With top-quality grocery store hummus, you can be sure of the same great taste each time.

If you have been making hummus at home till now, why not try something different? The hummus you get from Aladdin Gourmet is as good as the best homemade hummus in San Mateo. It’s yummy, healthy, economical and so easy to buy and use. What more is there to say?


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